Posted:1/29/2019 at 4:23:01 PM
The City of Ada would like to thank the Byng Fire Department for stepping in and helping the Ada Fire Department when, unfortunately, three fire trucks were out of service. The Ada fire fighters were able to use Byng Engine 1 to respond and extinguish a structure fire early yesterday morning. Ada Fire will continue to use Byng Engine 1 as a reserve truck, until the other vehicles are back in service. One or two of the trucks should be back in service soon. Over $52,000.00 has been spent this year alone for equipment maintenance on the City of Adaís fleet and other equipment. Not only does this fleet serve the City of Ada but also the residents of Pontotoc County. The Ada Fire Department responds on structure fires and automobile accidents county wide offering Automatic Aid and Mutual Aid to area volunteer departments. Responses of this nature create a lot of wear and tear on the departmentís fleet. In 2018, the AFD responded on average of four emergency calls per day. Along with a $4.5 million new Central Fire Station, the Ada Fire Department has recently purchased a $180,000 rescue truck, which has been in service for the last few months. In addition, a $437,000 new triple combination pumper truck is currently being built and delivery should take place later this summer. The new pumper truck will feature a 1,000-gallon water tank, a 1,250-gallon per minute pumper, a custom cab, and many other features. The rescue truck was made possible by a Community Development Block Grant (CDBG), and the new pumper truck is being funded by the Valley View Foundation, CBDG, and the City of Ada.